A company complies to one of the internationally recognised ISO management systems.

Welcome to BMG Conformity Assessment Services Pvt. Ltd.

BMG Conformity Assessment Services Pvt. Ltd. is established as a certification body  is accredited by United accreditation Foundation (UAF) United States of America for QMS (ISO 9001:2015), EMS (ISO 14001:2015), OHSMS (ISO 45001:2018), FSMS (ISO 22000:2018) & ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001:2022) with its main objective to safeguard life, property and environment through quality assurance and total quality management. BMGCASPL shall create an environment where each employee contributes to all aspects of our business process and shall strive for continuous improvement to meet with customer Satisfaction by having a strong feedback system from clients, auditors and certification staff. We offer certification and recognition of management systems, without bias, discrimination or prejudice.



We view Registration as Partnership. We establish everlasting relationships with our clients. We look at relationship with a client, as an investment of time and excellence, for a return of Quality. We believe, the value of registration is to, enhance the profitability of the clients, serve as a continuous improvement tool for their company and meet and exceed their customer’s requirement.



BMG Conformity Assessment Services Pvt. Ltd. train and utilize highly capable staff to provide valuable Quick Links to assist our Clients to achieve the international recognition and acceptance through the standards of quality management system.

Benefits of ISO Certification


Improvement of your credibility and image


Improvement of customer satisfaction


Better process integration


Improve your evidence for decision making


Create a continual improvement culture


Engagement of employees

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